PTP800 ODU-Antennna Compatibility Interface


I have to PTP800 Links, 23 and 18GHz, and I need to change the antennas. The interface/connector between the antenna and the ODU, is it standarized? What do I need to look for to ensure compatibility to direct mount the ODU to the antenna?


It is a standard Motorola proprietary interface.

Look for antennas with a Motorola/Cambium Networks PTP 800 interface.

I hope this helps!


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Thanks for the reply David. So this antenna wouldn't be compatible, right?

That's a standard waveguide interface.

You can purchase any antenna you like--if it doesn't have the standard Motorola interface, you can buy a remote mount kit that will convert the Motorola interface to a standard waveguide interface. You then connect the antenna to the remote mount kit via a flexible waveguide.

Notice that the remote mount kit, flexible waveguide, and antenna are band specific.

Notice also that you may have a hard time finding these parts as we've recently obsoleted the PTP 800 and its accessories.

I hope this helps!