PTP810 internet traffic ouldn't pass through the remote end.

Dear ALL,

Is there anybody here can help with the technical issue that we encountered from PTP810 product?

With details as follow:

1) Link has been installed accordingly with desirable RSL (42/43 dBm); SNR (25.5 dB) and ready for commissioning but unfornately the internet traffic couldn't pass through the remote end.

2) Configuration Summary was set to ODU Mode = Standard Mode; IDU Mode = 40M-16Q-E1; Modulation = 16-QAM; Datarate = 100 Mbps; Max Active Channels = 0; Network Configurations = IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway have been statically assigned according to our organization's private IP range.

3) On the network side; switch ports have been configured as TRUNK ports with assigned native VLAN on both sites and they were connected to the User Ports (10/100) of the IDU/MMU. After doing so, we plugged in the UPLINK cable (internet source) from a dedicated switch port to one of the User ports at the LOCAL site, then at the REMOTE site we did the same setup the reverse way, from User Port (10/100) to one dedicated switch port. Then, we tested the internet connection from any vacant switch port but nothing is passing through.

As referred to these scenarios, were there technical configurations missed along the way? Thank you and I greatly appreciate whatsoever technical recommendations and/or solutions you can share with us. BR, Roger


Have you contacted customer support?