PTP810 Remote login connection to NMU


I am hoping someone can help me accessing the NMU of the PTP810 units remotely over the ethernet connections. Currently I have network connections in port 1 of the switch of the PTP810 units either end and then a second network cable plugged from the port 2 of the onboard 4 port switch into the NMU. I hae enabled port forwarding on ports 1, 2 and radio links.

Still I have not been ble to access the radio units remotely - accessing via plugging in locally to the NMU is not an issue.

Has anybody got any tips or successfully done this already that could assit me?

Any help / comments appreciated.



you should be able to if your link is up and you are not using a mode file that only supports local management (you can check the reprograming page, if the mode file has something like NM0 in the name, then it is a local management configuration). If you are using local management, you can somehow connect the management port to the payload port and access the remote management via the payload port.