PTP820 License Delays

Why does it take so long for Cambium to get our license keys for PTP820 radios?  Other radios are immediate.  Does someone have to manually phone Ceragon and request the license keys?  Anything longer than 24 hours seems ridiculous to me.  Sometimes it is days.  There has to be a better system to deal with Ceragon licensing.

I've had the same issue in the past ordering things like ePMP elevate licenses.  I suspect there is just a poor process in place and more people need to speak out about it to get it fixed.

There really is no reason this couldn't be fully automated.

A lot of them are.  It just seems like the hardware that Cambium doesn't produce (like the 820 series from Ceragon) that they take a loooooong time.  Funny story, an hour after I posted this, I got my license keys.  haha