PTP820 MC-ABC feature introduction

Multi-Carrier Adaptive Bandwidth Control (ABC) is an innovative technology that creates logical bundles of multiple radio links and optimizes them for wireless backhaul applications. Multi-Carrier ABC enables separate radio carriers to be shared by a single Ethernet port. This provides an Ethernet link over the radio with double capacity, while still behaving as a single Ethernet interface.

In Multi-Carrier ABC mode, traffic is divided among the carriers optimally at the radio frame level without requiring Ethernet link aggregation (LAG). Load balancing is performed without regard to the number of MAC addresses or the number of traffic flows. During fading events which cause ACM modulation changes, each carrier fluctuates independently with hitless switchovers between modulations, increasing capacity over a given bandwidth and maximizing spectrum utilization. The result is 100% utilization of radio resources in which traffic load is balanced based on instantaneous radio capacity per carrier.