PTP820 Optical SFP

On the SFP's that plug into the radio, which side of the SFP is the TX side and which side is the RX side?  Based on some other vendors out there, looking at the SFP with the clasp down from the front the TX side is on the left normally and the RX side is on the right.  Is that correct?

Is there any particular reason why you're not using the instructions in the PTP 820C installation guide?

It's probably a good idea to stage fiber cables and then carefully label them once they're working.

When I staged a bunch of 1+1 protected links fiber Y splitters, I made sure that the first set of cable ends (for the first Y) plugged into one side of the SFP module, and the next set of cable ends (for the second Y) plugged into the other side of the SFP module. (Recall that on a protected 1+1 link with fiber, each end has two Y cables, one for Tx and one for Rx.)

If you're staging a single cable, use the picture in the installation guide.

In other words, attempt to be consistent.

"Don't cross the streams!" doesn't apply here.

If it's not working, try switching one pair. (One pair at a time!)