PTP820C with PTP850E multiband setup

Hi forum. Looking for some help on setting up our PTP820C and 850E units with multiband on the one dish. (23Ghz and 80Ghz). Have done 820C and 820S configs before but this is a bit new for me. I think I have most of the information correct … but I am struggling a bit with some of the info in the documentation. … specifically this section in the 850E docs -

When the PTP 850E is paired with an PTP 820microwave radio, the following must be configured on the PTP 820microwave radio:

•A service must be configured between the Ethernet port connected to the PTP 850Eand the radio or Multi-Carrier ABC group being used for the Multiband link - tick - understand and done this.

Automatic State Propagation must be configured, with ASP trigger by remote fault enabled. - sort of tick - i think i have done this … :confused:

Radio Bandwidth Notification must be enabled. - sort of tick - i think i have done this :confused:

Happy to post some configs, but wondering if anyone else on here has done an 820 and 850E together in failover that could share … maybe … :slight_smile: