PTP820G Network - Papua New Guinea

This year I have been working with Air Services to design and deploy a large ring network for their new MLAT system. 8 links total, using the PTP820G, mostly in 1+0 but 2 links in 1+1 HSB. We are using 23GHz, 18GHz and 7GHz, and implementing G.8023 for ethernet ring protection.

We have completed 90% of the installation and comissioning now. Unfortunately at last minute the customer has had issues with the final site so we will be waiting until the New Year to complete the ring. However everything else has come together very well, all levels are as per LinkPlanner, link is performing exceptionally well with 1.5msec ping from end to end. The customer is very happy so far.

I'd like to say thanks to Seeni and Yonghao at Cambium for their assistance with the engineering, design and inital configuration, and to Brook from BMS Network Solutions for his time and assistance with comissioning and training also. This is a very high class network for PNG, and will serve the customer very well. Hopfeully the first of many large Cambium networks to come.


Thanks for posting this - it's great to see a PTP 820 deployment like this in the real world.


Thanks for posting. Good to know cambium is here to stay and we have a support forum.

I am now at Air Services in PNG as a Network Engineer here and we are using the MW ring. The network is holding up exceptionally we well and we are running many services both voice and data over the link. Currently we are in the process of testing Radar traffic over the ring.

We are looking at expanding to several more sites around PNG to standardize the network so we may meet up in the future if you do come around.