PTP820s 1+1 configuration - Data Port Redundnacy

We are setting up three hops of PTP820s.

The PTP820s are set up in the 1+1 active/standby configuration.

They are going to carry important voice traffic - so redundancy is priority.

We are licensed for just 1 data port per PTP820. We have two ethernet data lines going down into the building - one from PTP820 A (active) and one from PTP820 B (Standby). With that said, I need PTP820 A data port to go into router 1 and the PTP820 B data port going into router 2. The reason for this, is so that if router 1 fails, router 2 can carry the data. I can't use LACP because they are going into two seperate routers.

I attached a rough topology diagram to assist with getting a better picture of the desired results. Sorry for the bad drawing - I dont have Visio at home!

I can't seem to figure out how to get this to happen. Can this be acheived with 1+1 and one data line per PTP820? If not...what is required to make this possible? Do I need two data lines per PTP820 where one data set (one from PTP820 A and one from PTP820 B) goes into router 1 and one data set goes into router 2?

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