PTP820S Cat5e Performance limitations

Hello Everyone, 

I have a customer that is putting up a hop of PTP820S radios that will yield 500Mbps over the air. 

They're going to be using Cambiums Cat5e cable p/n: N000082L016. 

I know that Cat5e is good for GbE up to 100m. Has anyone had any speed issues using Cat5e for high speed radio links?...


I'd follow Cambium's instructions on grounding and lighting protection, but aside from that, it's all pretty straight forward stuff. The only time you might run into issues if you're trying to use this on a tower with high power FM radio, as the frequencies used in radio conflict with the ethernet signals... so extra shielding and grounding is even more important.  

As long as the crimp/terminations/grounding are correct and double checked with a fault finder you should have success with the deployment. Like Eric mentioned any other outside factors would need to be taken into account.