PTP820s ethernet port drops

I have a new PTP820S hop that is been in service about 1 month and one end of the hop is setting alarms for ethernet port disabled. It happened a few times last week, then was good for a week and then it did it again yesterday and today. Yesterday, it set an alarm at 07:32:43 and the alarm cleared at 07:32:56, then again this morning at 07:51:20 it set an alarm, and cleared almost instantly.
Any ideas as to what is going on here? We had lots of issues getting this hop stable when it was installed, and have pushed updates to both ends. It is now passing traffic fine most of the time, but is still setting alarms for the ethernet port occasionally.

Have you certified the cable? That would be my first step.


We replaced the POE injector and Cat6 cable going to the switch. That seems to have helped, but we are still getting a port drop once in a while for no apparent reason.