PTP850 - Cambium Networks WB3175A Cable and C000065L007B LPU


Are there any issues with using the Cambium Networks WB3175A Cable (rebadged - Superior Essex 04-001-55 Copper Cable, 4 Pair, 24 AWG BBD Category 5e) and with C000065L007B - LPU and Grounding Kit for a Cambium Networks PTP850S / PTP850C installation?

The remote nature of the site where we are deploying these links means that we would prefer higher quality/more reliable products (where possible).


Hello Minh Le,

The Cambium Networks Copper Cable is fantastic; please note it is only 1000BASE-T which might be an issue for the bandwidth capable on the 850 range of products.

Ideally, on a highspeed point-to-point link, you’ll use DC and Fibre - I do understand that fiber could be too difficult, but if you do, several companies like AFL sell a hybrid fiber option.

If you do use hybrid fiber, you’ll need an adapter for the 850S. It’s called a Two-Wire to PoE Port Power Adaptor.

This is because the 850S does not have a DC Input available out of the box.

Though if you cannot use fiber, please look at a rugged CAT6 alternative with an LPU rated for the PoE voltage and speed - either 2.5Gbps or 10gbps.

But if your requirement is only 1000BASE-T or 1 Gigabit; please do use the WB3175A Cable and C000065L007B LPU.

Hope this helps, please reply with any other questions you may have.

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