PTP850 Variants


I’m currently in the process of spec’ing some backhauls, and we were looking into radio’s that are capable of at least gigabit unidirectionally. We landed on the PTP820c because of it’s 4+0 option, which in 15Ghz would net us over 3 Gbps of aggregate throughput. However, we were planning to start with a 2+0 deployment, with the intention of moving to 4+0 down the road.
Where we ran into trouble was discovering that we would need to use a LAG configuration combine multiple Gigabit ethernet feeds, rather than a single Fibre to an SFP+ port or something similarly sensible. We aren’t overly interested in making a compromise on this feature, so we are wondering what our options are.

So my questions are:

  1. Can a 820c, in a 4+0 configuration, work with a single fibre to each radio? The total throughput is 1600/1600Mbps, equaling the predicted 3.2Gbps with two radios. So correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s effectively 800/800Mbps, per radio. Can a 1Gbps fibre to each radio, work in this situation?

  2. The PTP850 offers a 2+0 configuration in certain frequencies. Is there a roadmap for the PTP850 to get a 4+0 configuration? The SFP+ port of the PTP850 is what is appealing about that radio.

So any help or advice from Cambium or the community would appreciated.