PTP850C 4+0 on 1 set of antennas without RF splitter?

If I compare 2+0 and 4+0 in LinkPlanner, there is about a 7.5 dB hit to system gain because of the RF splitter required at each end.

This might be acceptable on a short link, but usually it is not. Alternatively we could use a second set of antennas, but if we are leasing space on commercial towers at each end, this is a big increase in tower rent, especially for 3 ft and larger dishes.

Another WISP tells me they are doing this with Aviat radios without splitters, apparently they can modulate 2 separate frequencies in one core. I believe Cambium’s 850C can do wide channels something like 224 MHz, but apparently not 2 x 80 MHz.

Am I mistaken and this is possible now? Assuming no, is there something in the pipeline? I realize this would depend on Ceragon doing it first, probably a new chipset?

Hi Ken,

The PTP 850C radios can support 160 MHz bandwidth in a 1+0 configuration, however we are still waiting for many regulators to approve this bandwidth in their allowed channel plans, which is perhaps why other products are defining it as 2x80 MHz?


Thanks Rachel. This would be for FCC region, and I think what would be needed is 2+0 ACCP in one radio and then add a second radio and XPIC to get 4+0.

So maybe my question is equivalent to 2x80 MHz 2+0 ACCP without a splitter. I suspect that’s more difficult than 160 MHz 1+0.

Something I’m not clear on is whether the other company is doing this in a single core radio, or without activating the second core.

If FCC would all 160 MHz channels yes that would be a great solution, I wouldn’t count on it happening in my lifetime though. It would also assume you can coordinate 2 adjacent channels to get a contiguous 160 MHz.