Public IP Addresses

So far, most of our subscribers require 1 public ip that we put on a Linksys router on their premises and forward certain ports to servers behind the router depending on what the client requires.

What do you guys do for clients that require more than 1? I have a client that needs 1 address to be shared (using NAT) on their general network, then 2 more addresses that they would like to be put straight onto their servers.

What client end router would you use, and what sort of configuration would you give it?

By the way, my upstream provider has given me x.x.x.64/27 ip address space.

I need to give my client one of these for NAT to the rest of his network, then 2 others for servers.

we usually just give people as many ips as they need. If you really need to save your addresses tho, I would suggest consolidating the servers, or if they are running services on different ports, setup the router with port forwarding. What services do the two servers host?

Thanks for the response.

What i’m trying to do is supply the client with 3 publics, yet maintain the existance e.g Linksys RV042 at the premise. Im trying to avoid a situation where i have to plug the SM straight into their network. This would expose our network to broadcast storms etc…

SM --> Switch --> Router, Server 1, Server 2

In the SM block the following ports:

    Bootp Server (routers plugged in backwards)
    IPv4 Multicast (stops a lot of uneccesary broadcast traffic)