Public IP Pings

Hi All-

We’re having some issues with one of our 900 AP’s, but with one customer in particular. There are quite a few CRCErrors. Also, if we ping the customer’s public IP address, we’re getting “request time out” errors. The average latency is around 54 ms.
Pinging the SM shows about the same laency, but no request timeouts. Any ideas?


Jim Bremer

CRC’s show up on the ethernet interface. Most likely a cable problem in the cat5 linked between the radio & the demarcation. could be a slice in the cable causing CRC’s but until you get those resolved the service will not work properly. take a cable tester to the site & replace the bad cabling.

Thanks for the tip. Would a regular Cat5 continuity tester show a problem or do we need something more sophisticated?

alot of times that tester will be able to diagnose the problem. most importantly you’re seeing the CRC’s so you KNOW there is an issue with the cabling. most likely it should be on the outside half of the wire from the surge up to the radio as that’s the part exposed to the weather. however we’ve seen issues with customer’s dogs chewing up the line going into the moto psu. we even had a customer call in & say her mastiff chewed up her router into pieces(unrelated, but funny)

good luck,



No dog damage in this case (customer doesn’t have a router), but the cable tester showed a problem. Turned out to be the surge suppressor.

Thanks for the help!

glad to hear. water/snow get into the surge? or could you see a problem with it?

I haven’t taken it apart yet, but it was protected under the eaves, so I doubt it was weather. I discovered it because everything else was good, in and out.

Oops! Correction. The surge suppressor was OK. I was misreading my cable tester, not realizing that 4 & 5 and 7 & 8 are each tied together in the SS. The real problem seems to have been something wayward with the grounding connection. Temporarily disconnecting it solved the problem. No more CRCErrors.