Public Service Announcement: FCC Enforcement Advisory DA-16-588A1

For operators in the US and Territories governed by FCC rules the FCC issued an industry wide enforcement advisory worth reviewing.  I have attached the notice for convenience.  In the notice the FCC specifically calls out the following examples of unlawful behavior: 


  • The use of authorized Wi-Fi equipment to intentionally disrupt the lawful operation of neighboring Wi-Fi networks.
  • The use of authorized broadcast transmitters to operate unlicensed or “pirate” radio stations.
  • The use of authorized Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (U-NII) devices on unauthorized frequencies or, on certain frequencies, without a Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) radar detection mechanism enabled.
  • The use of authorized Wi-Fi routers on unauthorized channels or on authorized channels at unauthorized power levels.
  • The programming and use of private land mobile radios (Part 90 radios) to operate on unauthorized channels.