Public WiFi

Learn about the opportunities to provide public WiFi connectivity.

Wireless technology reduces the complexity and cost of installation while delivering consistent connectivity for streaming video, uploading and downloading data, and connecting voice applications.

Public Wi-Fi solutions from Cambium Networks provide end-to-end connectivity that can be deployed indoors and outdoors without the time and cost of wired or fiber solutions. Configuring and maintaining the network is easy with our cnMaestro™ management system that simplifies installation and provides a complete view of network performance. Whether connecting a city square, an event venue, or a conference, people can get online quickly and enjoy a reliable experience.

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Conference attendees need to stay in touch with the office and family.

InfoGamer by Reboot deployed cnPilot Wi-Fi solutions to provide indoor and outdoor connectivity at the largest gamer convention in Europe.

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Wi-Fi makes a difference in the lives of people in the Windsor Park neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Leave No Veteran Behind works with Cambium Networks to connect a community hub in Chicago.

So, when we converge and connect as a community, and we bring these various stakeholders to the table, then as an organization, you don’t have to collaborate because any good organization is multidisciplinary. We work together and get stuff done. Everybody talks about Chicago being the city that works, and for Windsor Park, we do work every week. Over 200 families get fed. Now there’s community garden. Windsor Park is now a hub of connectivity.” – Eli Williamson, President of the Board of Directors, Leave No Veteran Behind.

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What about Wi-Fi and LTE coexistence? Is that a problem?

Cambium’s IP67-rated cnPilot™ E500 is among those access points that incorporate an LTE coexistence filter that protects the 2.4 GHz band receiver from spurious interference from adjacent band LTE transmissions.

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When storms or other disasters strike, Wireless Broadband can be rapidly deployed to provide reliable high-speed connectivity. This helps first responders and aid agencies coordinate their actions to get the best possible results. Connectivity also helps families connect in an emergency.

Kix Internet, a WISP in Texas, shares their thoughts and experiences in providing wireless broadband connectivity in the aftermath of a disaster in our solution paper.

Cross country highways can be a lonely place. Tennessee Wireless connected one of the busiest truck stops in the country so that travelers can connect with families, friends and keep up with work.

A service provider connects a highway intersection in a remote location and creates a popular rest stop with connected gas stations, hotels, and restaurants. Check out the Tennessee Wireless case study.

See how connectivity transforms a community. Eli Williamson, President of the Board of Directors of Leave No Veteran Behind shares his thoughts at the ribbon cutting of the Wi-Fi network at the community hub in the South Shore neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.