Puedo usar un Canopy 5200SM como cliente o AP?

Buenas tardes estimados,
Un vecino me regalo una unidad Motorola Canopy 5200SM y quería saber si hay forma de actualizarla y configurarla como un AP o cliente normal de WiFi en 5 GHz?. Logre reiniciarla da fabrica, pero por lo que veo el sistema es algo complejo.

Agradezco el apoyo que puedan prestarme. Abajo imagen con los datos de la unidad.


No, it cannot be used as an AP or for WiFi. At this point, this radio is so old (15+ years) and is no longer supported… you should recycle it and buy some used ePMP equipment instead.

What Eric has said is not quiet fully true, but his position is very correct!
This radio is already an AP but it is most definitely NOT wifi compatible or able. This is a dedicated backhaul radio that can be either an AP (master) or an SM (slave). These can be provided timing by two methods if its a P8 or newer board, either canopy cmm3/cmm micro or by the 6p6c connector (rj12 port) using sync sharing. P7 and older boards need to use the 6p6c connector as they do not support sync over power (ethernet connector). You can also just run it in free run (generate sync) if no other system is remotely close to it. This radio will kill any other 5Ghz system if not sync’d to the same sync pulse (GPS).

You can update to 13.4.1 if it is a P9 or better (the web page will tell you after you upgrade to any of the 9.x firmware) and you can jump straight to the 9.x firmware, If its new enough P9, P10 then you can jump to 13.4.1. If it is a P7 board then you can not go past the 8.x firmware and the P8 boards stop at the 9.x firmware. The newer firmware supports the older boards but there is known issues with the older boards that is best avoided.

The problem is you will need another of the exact same radio to make a master slave link at that is a ptp100 set not a pmp radio. There was a way to convert them to pmp but it was not worth it considering the cost at the time and as Eric has said its a 15+ year old radio and is capable of only 20Mbps max if the full license is installed else 10Mbps. For the cost of acquiring a compatible radio, I and many others can sell you a bridge in a box set that will give you up to 300Mbps!
On the other hand, I have reused these radios to provide dedicated low bandwidth links where an epmp is not suitable (customer most likely will destroy the radio applications). There are companies that will give you credit towards upgrades IF you have enough equipment to trade in but again the age is a factor for diminishing credit value.
in the ptp100 archive is the user guides that will help you understand more of what you have any better yet why to not use it anymore.

I stand by my diagnosis that this radio cannot be used as AP in the traditional sense. An AP or access point infers that multiple stations can connect. This radio cannot do that. In addition, AP is not used in the documentation/nomenclator for Cambium’s PtP’s… Master/Slave is. To call a radio that can only act as a master or slave in the PtP sense… an AP or SM… is confusing and doesn’t follow Cambium’s documentation.