Push a config but leave Wifi password intact

We have a few hundred routes deployed at customer locations, all of these routers have a custom password that only the customer knows.

I want to be able to push config updates for NTP and scheduled reboots ect, however I do not want to change the existing wifi passwords.

we used to be able to do this before profiles became the only way to push config updates.

I get that there are wildcards, but that doesn't help me when I don't know what the existing Wifi password is.

Is there any way to achieve this?

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We are aware of this use case and are discussing potential solutions.  The goal will be to to allow certain parameters to be set locally on the device and not overwrite them when applying AP Groups to the device.

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Just looking for clarification.  I assume you are referring to a deployment of cnPIlot R devices and not cnPilot E, correct?

That would be correct R200P to be exact

In what scenario that could happen

Usually vendor setup cnMaestro either cloud or on-premise.

Set temporary AP password then later ask customer to change it

Is this in multi tenant scenario