Push cnMaestro configuration on PMP450x

I installed the cnMaestro server in order to monitor the newtork made by PMP450/PMP450i/PMP450m.
In order to onboard all devices, I need to set some parameters on both the APs and SMs (cnMaestro enable, cnMaestro’s URL on APs and put the validation of server certificate in Disable).
Have you got any suggestion to change these configurations without doing it manually?
I looked for cnut external tools but i didn’t find useful documentation.
I have tried to use snmp but i didn’t find an oid for validation of server certificate and I have all the aps in read-only mode.
Is it possible to push these configurations in some way?
Thank you

Hi ,

If you onboard PMP AP alone to cnMaestro server the rest of the SMs will onboard automatically to the cnMAestro server using the parent token based onboarding.
Regarding the certificate validation you need not disable it and the onboarding will work fine either for On Premises server or Cloud server.

The following link gives more details on PMP onbiarding to cnMaestro.


thank you for the answer.
My problem is to onboard thousands of APs to cnMaestro.
I’m looking for a way to change the configuration of th APs without logging in everyone and change manually the configuration.
Thank you

Hi qwerty00,

Check out the below thread. It contains some example scripts for setting the cnMaestro server on APs/SMs. First post is for ePMP, so scroll down for the PMP OIDs. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to do this without switching from read-only mode.

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