Put 450b itself into vlan

I have a VLAN setup on my network to assign public IPs for all hosts that are part of that VLAN. Currently, my SM operates as a DHCP client, but I’d like the SM to be in VLAN100 so that it can get a public IP. Is there a way to do this from the SM itself so that when its DHCP client requests an IP, it does so in VLAN100?

Also, the AP is not seutp with VLANS (nor do I want it to be such).

Were you able to solve your problem?

No, no luck so far. Have you done this?

Yes we had a similar issue and we spent 2 tedious days deciphering Cambium’s attempt and documentation.
I will try and keep this short.
First thing is we figured out we needed 4 VLAN’s.
One for AP Management (Exampled VLAN 3)
One for the Customer Radio (Example VLAN 4)
One for Customer device (ie. router) (Exampled VLAN 5)
One for Static IP customers (Example VLAN 6)

Step 1. Setting up the AP
> Configuration > VLAN > Management VLAN set to VLAN 3 > we set Default Port VID to 1

Step 2. Customer Radio
> Configuration > Management VID VLAN set to VLAN 4 > Default Port VID set to VLAN 5 (in our exampled is for customer equipment DHCP)
We also can set this to VLAN 6 (Customer static IP) Note: on the customer radio if using static IP navigate to the IP tab and enter customer static IP information.

I hope that this helps.

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