QOS/MIR limiting only uplink rate on SM.


The rate limiting MIR profiles are configured under the AP and then each SM is assigned to a profile number.

From what I can see it is impossible to leave the downlink rate empty (or disable it) under a MIR profile.

In my case I would like to rate limit only the SM uplink to prevent abusive traffic from a client behind a SM (e.g. unicast/broadcast/multicast flood which would traverse the network to the nearest router a few hops away that does the actual rate limiting).

Is it then fine to leave the downlink MIR profile with a high value (e.g. 1000000 kbps) so that this rate is never hit (effectively making it unused)? 

Or is this not a good idea because perhaps the EPMP scheduler makes use of the information defined in the MIR profiles and the rates should be set as close to the assigned speeds of each client for it to work efficiently?


You can leave it at a high number and it won't effect the AP's schedular. We do this for use with Preseem.