QOS MIR Question -

Just to verify, and if this is some where else, please feel free to direct me, but I have a customer on a 10 mb plan, With sustained uplink and downlink, Am I assuming correctly that this is saying that upload and download is getting the same speed priority? IF so Is this where I would adjust this setting to give Uplink or Downlink priorities ? IE we have static cams and need more upload, or User has slower than expected speeds can I adjust the Downlink for priority? 

Please clearify and correct me if I am wrong  :) 

Thank you 


Yes, there is no priority by direction, so both are equal.  You can change the duty cycle of the link under Configuration>Radio>Frame Configuration.  You can set the percentage of downlink to whatever is desired here.

If this is set at 50%, then there are equal portions of the frame dedicated to uplink and downlink.

Does that answer your question?

In the PMP 450 SM, Under Radio I do not see Frame  Utlization, I have seeen those on the ePMP stuff we have and perhaps on our 450 AP, The field I have the qestion about was in Configuration-QOS, I think you agreed with that being a correct assumption of uplink/downlink but Confused me with the direction of where to change this. So I will await a response to verify that I can indeed change  this in that area and have the same results. Sorry if I spun what you said around I just wanna make sure :) 

thanks again

Not Frame Utilization, but Frame Configuration...

Sorry, Matt, I am not seeing this. I have the 3.65 model though so maybe that makes a difference? 

On the Backhaul Master (BHM), can you take a screenshot of your Configuration > Radio page and post?  Maybe I am missing something obvious...