QoS on a Mesh Network

I am working to optimize the wireless backhaul connections on a Mesh Network, and right now the first thing that I’m looking at is the QoS settings on P9 and P10 Canopy 5.7 and 900 Mhz SMs. Right now we have the following settings on all the Canopy gear:

Sustained Downlink Data Rate : 3500
Sustained Uplink Data Rate : 3500
Uplink Burst Allocation: 500000
Downlink Burst Allocation: 500000

The Tropos mesh equipment is set to a 6:1 ratio for download to upload speed, and I was going to test implementing a similar ratio on the Canopy units.

For the 5.7s, I was thinking of something similar to:

Sustained Downlink Data Rate : 5800 kbps
Sustained Uplink Data Rate : 1200 kbps
Uplink Burst Allocation: 0
Downlink Burst Allocation: 0

and I was thinking of a similar ratio on the 900s.

I was hoping to get some comments on this configuration before I start to test and implement these changes.

Thanks for any information that you can provide.


im not sure if the burst set to 0 would cause any conflicts. does anyone else have any experience with this?

Burst = 0 is not an issue from a technical standpoint. Ran that way for years. Recently implemented burst to conserve bandwith and nobody noticed.

With any network you take your best guess and then start loading it up. Monitor the traffic and adjust as needed.

Jerry, thanks for reply. I read your recent post about how you implemented QoS on your network and am going to implement a similar tiered approach with some of our last-mile customers. Overall, I am looking to optimize the backhaul data coming into the mesh cluster, so that our customers are not being hampered by a poorly conceived QoS policy.