QOS - proactive vs reactive

Hey folks!

I’m wondering what techniques my fellow canopy users are implementing for network monitoring.

I am finding, now that we have more than 200 customers, to be reacting to people being down every week. It stinks, because often these customers say they have been down for a several hours before calling. How do you monitor you network, and alert yourselves to downed clients? I tried big brother, and found it to unreliable on 2003 server.

I would like to be more proactive, vs reactive.


Solarwinds Orion.

Free 30 day trial. To purchase it’s $2000 for 100 nodes

We monitor BH’s, AP’s, Routers, Switches, Servers, and Business Customers.

We use the following:

Whats Up Gold PRO 2006 to monitor SM’s, AP’s, BH’s, Switches, etc…

MRTG to monitor BH and AP’s Bandwidth usage, Jitter, RSSI, etc…

We have created our own Management System using Linux and a few tools such as netsmp and links.



We currently use a perl script type program that we made that will connection to all aps and backhauls, it will pull all sessions on the ap and their levels and jitter, will also change to a different color if the sm goes offline and or if there is a tower problem, will also txt my cell phone if something goes off line for more than 10 mins. Also keeps re reg count as well.

Works pretty well so far, doesnt page you if a sm is down but if a tower or ap goes town will txt you, I am sure i could make it tell me if a sm goes down but we do have some people turn off their sm some times.

Also logs all records into a file so you can view previous values by the mac address.


Cacti with threshold plugins works good. send an email when a SM AP or BH is down. its free. works with win2k3 and linux.

see my post here: http://motorola.canopywireless.com/supp … php?t=1807

I have used What’s Up! for many years. I used to service a 7 state area of a piepline that had computers at every pumping station and valve along the way. Used What’s Up to monitor all those sites. Over 700 of them.

It’s got many great features. The one I used most was the ability to group certain sites into ‘clouds’ that way the main monitoring display could just show the clouds. Then if there was trouble you could zoom to that cloud to get to the individual site. Plus it can be set up to alert you to trouble, by e-mail, pager, and sound.

Hope you found this information useful.

well, I checked out all of your recs. THANKS! It seems to now be an issue of time and money. More money to get the commercial packages, more time to get the free ones to work.

Our needs are simple. Monitor Signal strength, jitters, and ping responses. Set thresholds, and recieve email alerts when they deviate. I really don’t need anything more.

Anyone doing this? And if you “made” a custom script using a freebie, are you willing to share, are sell for a reasonable cost?

Thanks Fellas