QoS VoIP over PPPoE

If I had a situation like this

PPPoESERVER  <---cable--->  ePmpAP <---- wireless---> ePmpST <---cable---> ClientRouter <---cable---> VoIPPhone

On the ClientRouter there is a PPPoE Session

Is cambium able to recnognize VoIP packet and prioritize them, if they are encapsulated in PPP packets ?


PPPoE encapsulates all traffic into a tunnel, which is almost always compressed and frequently encrypted.  Between the two PPP peers the packets would be essentially un-QoS-able, an all-or-nothing proposition.  The end-points can apply QoS to the VOIP, but it would still be limited by the scheduling of the PPPoE tunnel's packets across the radio link.


I solved this applying DSCP code 46 or 48 and this is tagged throuth the same scenario + 1 ptp link direct to main gateway/internet router by appliying in prerouting masquerade this class of traffic acting in this MKtik router.