Question about throughput DROP on normal 450 APs

The example I have is a normal PMP450 with 40 customers that was passing ~50mbps with SM signals between 65 and 75 all modulating over 2x. Now, as of the upgrades last week, this AP has yet to go over 42mbps and with no frequency issues I am starting to wonder if the upgrade could be the explaination.

I am still trying to put together a lot of the information and rule out other issues, but I am wondering if anyone else has seem a slight or signifiicant throughput drop on their existing 450 APs once they roll out

We previously were running or across our network and only upgrading towers as we were rolling out PMP450Ms but now we are having to reconsider and evaluate how best to approach this subject.

I've had good luck with Check your frame utilization though. I have seen ap's where I have customers connecting below 4x that cap out the frame utilization and really hurt the ap performance. Once they are converted or re-tuned to 4x and above overall throughput goes up and frame utilization stops capping out.

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cnMaestro tracks frame utilization historically, which I find incredibly helpful for these kinds of issues.