Question about PTP820 80 MHz supported in LinkPlanner

We have customers confused about why when they choose PTP820C/S narrow band radio, they can still choose 80 Mhz as channel size, is this a bug in Linkplanner or why it is shown there?

To clarify, this is intended to supprot so for some customer who need this. Rachel Swindell actually provide a very good summary as following:

Our PTP 800 and PTP 810 products do not have a full 80 MHz bandwidth and support the 80 MHz channel using the underlying 56 MHz.

With the PTP 820C and PTP 820S, there is a wide version of the SKU, which supports a true 80 MHz channel and anyone wanting the full capacity of an 80 MHz channel must select the wide option.

There are however, customers out there who do not want to go with wide SKU and want to use the 80 MHz channel option, but are happy that they only get the 60 MHz capacity, therefore we were asked to add the 80 MHz channel option to the narrow SKU using the underlying 56/60 MHz bandwidth. This allows users to place the channels on an 80 MHz channel plan.

As clearly stated, this provide an alternative option for customers who want 80Mhz channel  using the underlying 60Mhz channel.