Question for the Pros ( Im the customer )

Hello everyone. I have posted here a few times in the past. As the post states, I am the customer. For the past 18 months I have been dealing with a fly by night ISP. Multiple problems. The problem this time is last week a new tower was installed. What do you know we start having dropped connections and high latency again. Called the ISP with the concearn. I was told that the problem is Firmware issue. It was stated in the email that it was a network wide issue. Also stated that it is a Nationwide issue with Motorola. I called Tech support and they told me there are no issues with Firmware causing interference or dropped connections. I was pointed to the release notes of the firmwares. I read all the release notes of all the firmwares available on the wedsite. There is nothing that would cause this issue.

I have talked with Jerry numerous times on the phone in the last 18 months concerning my issues with this ISP. ( Thanks for all your help Jerry). In the past it almost always in the end comes up that the problem was self interference. Not sinced correctly. Last time one tower was generating sinc while the others were recieving GPS sinc. Corrected that issue and boom we were rocking again.

Now to the current problem. New tower installed last week and instantly we start having the exact same issue. Was told it was a firmware issue. Like I already said I read the release notes and talked with Tech Support. I am not sure of the current firmware being used but I dont believe its firmware. Tech support said firmware would not cause this issue. I believe once again we are dealing with Timing issues. Be it incorrect settings on the towers or a sinc issue.

Whats your take? Is it firmware or am I being fed a line of crap once again?

Quote from the email. "This is a firmware issue system wide (Motorola nationwide). This will take some time to correct. Nothing you can do in the mean time. It’s random and we are working on it"

Thanks in advance.

Tell your guy that there are many here who share his pain. Fortunately for the most part I dodged that bullet with my “never roll out the first version of a major version change” policy.

Have your ISP roll out 8.2.2 or go back to 7.3.6. Any flavor of 8.1 is problematic.

My guess is he is running 8.2.2 . He usually keeps up to date. Problem started after the new tower install. Same has happened in the past way too many times. Everytime it ends up being self interference. This time the symptoms are exactly the same as the past. No difference. Im calling BS on the Firmware. Its just another excuse from the excuse book.

Where are you located?

why do you ask?

8.2.2 can (and will) drop customers randomly - but usually it’s just that - it will happen without any loss of performance prior to the drop. to get back on you either need to reset your radio or the tower must be reset. To my knowledge either of these will fix this problem. I’m not aware of a firmware issue that will cause what you’re describing but honestly - i tend to only pay attention to problems with firmware that might be giving me problems…

Thank you for the replies. We will drop for 20-40 seconds or so. Then it comes back on by itself. Along with random and high latency. I am almost certain ( but cant prove ) its self interference. Been through this probably 5-6 times in the last 18 months or so. Getting used to seeing what it looks like unfortunately.

Since the new tower site went live and you started noticing the dropouts have you also noticed differences in the connection speed? While it is possible that it is related to the firmware I would more lean towards some form of interference as the symptoms you have described are similar to what I normally see with either a freqency problem or also when an AP has to much load on it.

As already mentioned I can see a firmware problem causing the connection to drop but I havent yet come across a time where it causes a degredation in performance before the drop.

At first yes. Now things are pretty much back to normal. I have noticed a few hicups in the last 36 hrs but not like it was a few days ago. When the problem first happened yes speeds dropped dramatically to about 1/3 normal with high and speratic latencys.