Question on 450m limited hardware

So if one uses the 450m hardware without license key for MU-MIMO to enjoy the additional PPS performance and beam forming features (but doesn't want or need the key), does it operate similarly to the 450i product with 450i-like latency or is this product operating at 5ms frame times with no option to change that?  Will this product eventually support MU-MIMO for additional channel sizes like 15 or 10Mhz?  

Trying to weigh the cost and pro and cons between 450i and 450m.  Thanks,


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Yes, it will operate very similarly to the 450i in Sector Mode.  The 450m only supports 2.5ms frame size right now, and in sector mode, the latency will be equivalent to that of the 450i.  The slight increase in latency comes not from a frame difference, but in the algorithm and processing time that occurs to perform MU-MIMO.

The 450m does indeed have a roadmap that supports 10, 15 and 5 MHz channels in the near future.  Currently, we're targeting the end of Q1, 2017 for this support of narrower channels.  

I would encourage you to try a 450m and post about your experiences here... thanks, and Happy Holidays!

whats the latency diff look like from non mumimo to mumimo

When in MU-MIMO operating mode, the latency will be 7-10ms .  When in sector mode it's 3-5ms.