Question on cnWave

Hi all, have not had any experience with cnWave 60 GHz but was curious if one could utilize the 60 GHz even with near line of sight or do you need 100% line of sight? I am interested in the product but even if 1Gbps is not delivered to our potential customers we would be happy if we could supply 300mbps to them.

You must have LOS for 60 GHz to work.

Thank you for your reply, understood.

If you need to deliver multi-hundred mbps plans over short distances, but might experience a tree or two in the way, you might want to consider ePMP 4600.

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Agree with Eric here; the ePMP 4600 is your best bet if you’re doing Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) in a Point to MultiPoint configuration,

If it’s a single point, the ePMP Force 425 is a great Point to Point link.