Question: Salary Rate for Canopy Technical Engineers

I’d like to know how much your paying for your trained Canopy Experts handling your WISPs. Do you pay them by monthly basis or by project?

Please post, in US Dollars Equivalent please.


Most Tech’s average 70,000 a year

I call B.S. on that one… if it’s true, where do I look! :roll:

:wink: Trying to help myself in case I need a new job someday!!

California hourly:

Installers should see 15-22
Network techs should see 22+
Wireless Engineers should see 30+

Jerry Richardson,

How about Technical Support? ... isplay.asp
clueless wrote:
Most Tech's average 70,000 a year

i call bs on it also,,, the name 'clueless' says it all ;) but hey ill tkae 70,000USD a year where do i sign?

ANyone hiring? :wink: It’s time to take a different road in life.