Questions about 450M in 3ghz

Hello, I am considering testing/using this equipment in my area. I am well versed with 900,2.4,5ghz equipment, but do not know much about these.

What do I need to know to get started? Is there an informational video that will tell me what I need to know?

Specifically, how do I obtain the license, or if CBRS, how can I tell if there is any spectrum free in my location?

Hello @jakkwb ,

before you select a frequency, consider:

  1. You area: city, town or rural, forest area
  2. Spectrum availability in 5 GHz before considering other bands.
  3. Capacity to transport.
  4. Line of sight availability in your area (Lower frequency bands work well where there is little line of sight).

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

I am the owner of a wisp already. I have all those items covered.

You need to take a CPI course and test. Once you have your CPI you can register with the SAS of your choice and look at what spectrum is available in your area and start using gear in GAA spectrum.

The CBRS sub section may be a better spot to ask this question, but I don’t know of any video provided by Cambium explaining how to get started. They do offer this guide that has details:

Like Jacob mention, getting your CPI is a good first step. It is required to operate in CBRS. Also if you don’t have cnMaestro setup yet either Cloud or On-Prem, then you should work to get that setup first before purchasing equipment. Its required due to it handling the communication to your SAS. Those are the major components needed to get started.


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