Questions about 5700BH

Hello, I’m fairly new to Canopy and the this forum, though I did get a login some time ago.

Our company is evaluating solutions for a long range, low power, backhaul. My former boss tested the Canopy 5700BH last year and concluded that it would not work beyond 20 miles for timing reasons. I decided to take another look at this device to see if we actually can get it to satisfy our needs. I would appreciate any insight from the experts on this forum. We are trying to close links at a range of about 100 miles.

1) Is there a real hard limit on the maximum distance based on timing?

2) Our radios still have version 7.0.7, Boot version CANOPYBOOTVERSION 3.0. Are more recent software versions better for long rang back hauls? Should certain software versions be avoided?

3) Is the web interface the only access we have for configuration purposes? I did telnet into one of the devices, but it appears that there is very little you can do at that level.

4) I’ve been through the manual a few times looking for ways to increase our range. Are there other resources on the web that may help us get the most out of our Canopy equipment.

5) Is there (gasp!) some other technology you might recommend. We are also testing PTP400 equipment, but it is a real power hog.

Thanks in advance

100 miles is not a joke. If you want to use BH20 you should go with the connectorized version. Use the link estimation tool so you can estimate how big antennas do you need.

1. No
2. 7.0.7 and 7.1.4 are most stable. I would try to make the install using this versions.
3. You can configure them using SNMP.
4. This forum
5. We are using Licensed band Nera link for the Backbone. Longest link is 80 km, with 2 meter antennas.

  1. Trango Atlas series with 33dB antennas will give you more throughput 36Mbps @ 100 miles with 12dB fade margin

    Personally there is no way I would use BH20’s on a 100 mile link. that is just to far to rely on radios that were never designed for those distances.

Thanks for the replies. I realize that getting the 5700BH to do 100 miles is a tall order. But we have a VERY specialized application and this unit may, but likely is not, well suited for what we are trying to do.

Does anyone know of a range limit for version 7.0.7. I have heard from a 3’rd party that early version of the Canopy backhaul had a range of about 20 miles, but that Motorola extended the range due to customer demand. Was there a certain software load that extended the range of the Canopy Backhaul equipment, or am I chasing snipes here.

Thanks again.

I would suggest the ptp400 and ptp600 products for long range links.

I have done 88 miles test setup with 27RD reflector at one end and 4 foot dish at other end. I think 100 miles can be done with appropriate antennas and clear Line of sight.

Currently I have 80 km long canopy BH20 pulling 5.8 mbits full duplex. 6 foot dish at one end and 27RD reflector at other end. The signal is -58 dB and jitter 5.