questions about Canopy 2.4

Hello folks. 2 year Canopy WISP operator - strictly 900MHz right now. I’m reviewing a possible tower installation site - Remote around a small lake - no service of any kind there (900 and 2.4 around it).

A few questions:

Do typical wireless routers cause interference with Moto 2.4 SMs?

From what I have read in the forums, I can expect around 5 miles range or so with good antenna/LOS at users end. Is anyone out there getting more distance with 2.4? Like I said, most users will be right around the lake.

I know 2.4 is much dirtier than 900 - I may end up going with 900 instead at this site, I just was trying to get some gear with a little more speed, and a little easier on the checkbook.

I have not performed a spectrum check there yet for either…

Bare SM gets ~3 miles, SM+Stinger gets 6+ miles, and dish gets 16+ miles. Minor foliage obstructions don’t seem to be an issue, but it does not have the penetrating power of 900.

No real issues with consumer WiFi routers.

Our personal experience has been about the same. We use LMG units at the base station with omnis. We’ve seen at best maybe 4 miles with the bare SM, but it was right at the borderline for needing a stinger. We do have one 12 mile link clipping some trees half way through the path. 90% efficiency on the uplink/downlink and about -85 signal. I was amazed it worked. Is a seasonal beet piling site that only needs access during the fall harvest.

I have ran into consumer routers causing issues, but only when in overlapping frequency (AP was operating at the end of the band and router was on channel 11). Downlink efficiency was very poor. Moving the router to ch1 solved the issue. Something to keep in mind but it will not always cause a problem.


Wow that’s right up against the receiver sensitivity.

Going with the assumption the GUI is accurate, yes.

I’ve actually seen links operate in the -90s according to the GUI.