Questions about moto backhaul configurations

I have a few questions regarding the configurations of some old/new backhauls.

these questions are for the canopy backhaul 10 and 20

1. if p8/p9 whats the best firmware…is it still 7.2.9?
if p10 whats the best firmware?
2. should my p8/p9 bh10 be in hardware scheduling?
3. If i were to configure the master bh (the side with the internet) at 75% downlink would that be the correct setup if i wanted 75% down and 25% up?


  1. P8 = 7.3.6, P9/10 = 8.2.2
    2) P8 is SW only. P9 can go either way but I would recommend HW. P10 is HW only.
    3) Yes