Questions for Cambium @ the 2015 WISPAPALOOZA

Hey folks, I just wanted to check in to see first, how many of you will be attending WISPAPALOOZA this year? Secondly, do you have any questions for Cambium at this years event? Maybe a wish-list of features, product suggestions, or perhaps you'd just like to meet (and thank!) some of the key staff members that makes these amazing products?

Myself and three of my staff will be attending this year, this is our first WISPAPALOOZA and we're really looking forward to being a part of this years festivities. I will be speaking on a panel on How to forklift upgrade your network (Technical)  on 10/14/2015  Starting At 10:15:00 AM and ending at 11:30:00 AM  in room Brasilia 2. I'll also be giving a 10 minute success story regarding 'How we got away from selling megabits, and transitioned to selling services.' during the Annual Awards Reception (General)  on 10/14/2015  Starting At 6:00:00 PM  and ending at 8:00:00 PM  in room Brasilia 4.

Lastly, dont forget Cambium's symposium at the start of the event on Monday from 3pm to 5pm. YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO ATTEND!!! Should be some really cool product announcements, and Cambium typically buys the drinks!

If any of you attending would like to meet up, discuss technology, radios, have a beer, etc... we'll be there!


Eric presents his experiences in the How to Forklift Upgrade Your Network panel this morning. Any chance you can share your slides with the Community?


Eric of Webformix presents his story at the WISPAPALOOZA Awards Reception.


Awesome! Thanks for taking those Ray! If any of you haven't taken the opportunity to either join WISPA and visit WISPAPALOOZA, I'd highly recommend it. I wish we should have joined and attended years ago! What a great event, with lots of people to share and learn from. Not to mention a great opportunity to speak with the people that actually engineer and design these amazing radio products...  all that and we won some great new toys too!

EDIT... Ray, here is a copy of the slides for my 'How to forklift your network' panel. Hopefully you WISP's will find this handy, let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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Here are the slides that Eric presented at WISPAPALOOZA

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WISPA just posted a complete list of all their presentations and slides. If you weren't able to attend, there's some great information in here. I've attached the PDF here.

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