Quick Deploy Positioner with PMP450

Anyone have any experience or information on BATS Quick Deploy Positioner (QDP)working with a PMP450 system?  I have opened trouble tickets with BATS and I am still waiting for information.  The problem I'm having is the QDP ICU network connection does not establish a network connection if the PMP450i SM is powered up at the same time.  I have asked for an explaination on proper start-up and shutdown procedures.  Power-up does not put the QDP into a consistent known state.  The QDP is on a 40ft mast on our command bus,  so we need to provide a setup procedure  for deployment by Fire department staff. 

I have forwarded this to our support team.

Havn't heard anything on this?

I will also try to follow up with the QDP guys, and see what we can get from them... sorry for the delay.

I have sent ICU back to BATS. It appears that it was an intermittent ICU tried reloading firmware and it didn't help just locked up and could not access it again.  

Thanks for posting on the resolution, and hopefully they took care of the issue.