R-200 - Replacement Power Supplies

What is the part number for the replacment R-200 wall wart power supplies?

I belive any AC to DC convertor will work as long as it's in the specs of your pilot. I belive the R200P have a 12volt 3amp output.

Yes as long as power limits are under specification of R200 , it should be fine . Voltage value shall not cross more than 12.

We need the Cambium factory part number for the replacement power supplies for the R-200 to order spares.  

As we all know, when you have surges come down the AC line into the houses, we loose switching power supplies all over our service territories. 

The later version switching wall warts that Cambium sold for the PTP-100 died when we had surges come down the AC power lines. 

The original wall warts for the PMP-100's that had tranformers in them just "kept on ticking" after major surges.

Time will tell to see how the larger "laptop style" switchers hold up that power the ePMP-1000 radios.  We have a couple of dozen on hand as spares standing by for the next major surge. 

We do not want to hear that there is no replacement power supplies available from Cambium for the R-200 series of routers and that we are expected to go "scrounging on the web" for power supplies that might work. 

It is also unacceptible if we hear that we are expected to throw away working R-200 routers and install new ones at our customers facilities because we had the original factory supplied wall warts die. 

Though I didn't take a picture of it right out of a box, I think this is the power adapter that came with my R200.


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Still waiting to hear from Cambium what the part number for the replacement power supply for the R201 Routers are.............