R-200 -- Telnet and SSH Capable?

Can the R-200 wireless routers be accessed via Telnet and / or SSH?

If they are, I haven't found the screens that allow the above features to be turned on and off.

Support for Telnet was removed for security confirms in the interest of customers. 

We are planning to make it more robust and introduce it back in future.



As a minimum, we need Telnet.. 

Make sure that the Telnet port can be changed to a different port in the configuration to get it off of the standard port. 

I upgraded an R201P from 4.2.something to 4.3-R9. WAN DHCP client pulled a public IP. It was acting funny while I was configuring it. Suddenly the Cambium logo in the UI was missing. Pages weren't working right. Main status page showed no info.

Looks like 4.3-R9 is allowing telnet access again. And with this one, telnet was allowed on the WAN. It was apparently broken into within 5 minutes of being on the public internet.

I downloaded the config file and changed RemoteTelnet=1 to RemoteTelnet=0, saved, uploaded and rebooted. This should be configurable in the GUI because I had no idea what was going on. Syslog gave a clue, but I feel that the default should be RemoteTelnet=0.

This needs to be taken care of. Routers like this are used in DDOS botnets all the time. I have no doubt that's what the attackers were attempting to get installed on this router.