R-Series ATA Dead Line or Static Line

We use the R-Series routers because of their available integrated ATA. We primarily have R200 and R190V units for phone installations. [We only have ~50 phone lines on these so far.]

We get customer calls, probably once every 2 weeks, with one of these two problems:

  • Dead line, no sound, no static, no audio at all
  • Severe static on line, cannot understand anything

Who else sees these issues, and what is the resolution? We are hesitant to continue to install these now.

These problems are not specific to a certain type of installation. They have happened with multiple ePMP radios using the ePMP PoE injectors for the radios, with Mimosa radios, and on wired connections using MikroTik, Netonix, and Cisco switches. They have happened with 600ss surge suppressors, newer Cambium suppressors, Mimosa suppressors.

Thank you, Chris