R Series Routers - Later Firmware

Can someone at Cambium explain to me, why in the world on the newer versions of firmware do Cambium  have HTTPS turned on as default in the firmware?

When you download and install updated firmware in existinig routers, why would HTTPS be turned on as a default...

Trying to get Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer to connect to each router so that you can access it in HTTPS via a GUI is a royal pain in the butt. 

You spend more time trying to get one of the three major browsers to display the logon screen that you do totally programming the router, which includes turning the HTTPS web function off, so after each reboot you don't have to go through the same problem accessing the log on page in each router again.   

The person writing the firmware at Cambium needs to have the initial access to the router operate in the with non-encrypted HTTP mode, rather than with encrypted HTTPS. 

If whoever programs the routers in the field wants HTTPS to be turned on, let them do that in the field, rather than having HTTPS being turned on as default from the factory.

Hi , 

 From 4.5 onwards we added HTTPS redirection feature . Whenever user tries to login via HTTP ,Router will send Redirection URL with HTTPS . Hence browser will be redirected to HTTPS . The reason we added this feature is because of security. If user still wants to use HTTP for access ,he has to configure web management as HTTP .