R11 issue

Can anybody help me regarding no link test result. I’m thinking it is not about interference. AP is up and continue pinging but no link test thus it affects clients that yields to no connection.

Sorry, what’s the problem? Your SMs dont link to the AP?

Thanks for your reply. I think it’s a rare situation. Actually the problem is that there is no link test result in the GUI and we can’t link to the subcribers via LUID. Our initiative is to reboot AP. A lot of BTS were affected already and we’ve done changing radio for testing and find it good but the problem still recurring. Can you give me recommendation for this

That’s very odd… which firmware versions have you tried?

Thanks, Well we’re updating all canopies into 11 but I don’t think it’s in the version.Some AP are on 10.4 and some are on 11.We had conducted spectrum analysis and find it acceptable.Do you think its a hardware problem??

There was an issue with 11.01 with VLANs causing a no link to the AP issue. The other thing could be depending upon what firmware you’re updating the SM’s to, there may be an issue with the region code not selected.

ok… So what do you recommend for this.? Do we have to downgrade first an AP?