R190V max input voltage

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Can anyone tell me if the R190V can be powered from a 24v power source?


- Ray

Please find the Power rating details:

For r190W
AC/DC ADAPTOR Rating : AC INPUT: 100 ~240V, 50-60 Hz DC OUTPUT: 5V, 1A

For r190V

AC/DC ADPATOR Rating : AC INPUT: 100 ~240V, 50-60 Hz DC OUTPUT: 12V, 1A



@nirajlochan wrote:

Please find the Power rating details...


@nirajlochan , those are the power ratings for the shipped adapters. What is the full acceptable range of voltage input, and what is the rated power draw for the router (rather than the rating on the shipped power supply)?

For example, the R200 and R200P shipped with 12V adapters, but they could technically accept 9-15V with a specific warning never to go over 16V. 

Would you check these ranges for the R190W and V please?

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As our per recommendation, the user should use as per power adapter rating to get good and optimize performance from the device.

Sometimes, the user observed the variable gain issue in FXS ports and performance issue when the correct power supply was not connected.