R200/201 Reset Automatically

We are having an issue where the R200/201 will reset itselft to factory settings if it can not contact CNMaestro.  For example, we just had a tornado come through our area and it blew our main link out of align, we were unable to repair the linke for close to 6 hours.  Once we restored the link we now have several customers calling in where thier routers have factory reset.  Is there a way that we can keep this from happening via a setting in the provision tab??


We have not seen this issue with any of our customers. What makes you feel that the device got factory reset

because it was not able to contact cnMaestro. Can you please provide some more details.

Using privisioning you have actually push a preset configuration to the device to restore the config, however, we would like to see why the devices got factory reset, and if they really got reset (meaning the entire configuration is wiped out).



I have roughly 400 R200/201 devices in the cloud currently.  The reason I know that it gets reset is because it will default to the CAMBIUM SSID, I had 20 of these routers do this today and I just went through fixing each one.  What data do you need, as I need to get this resolved?


   Apologies, but my question rather was, what makes you think that the device got factory reset "because it was not able to connect to cnMaestro" as you mentioned in your first post.

The following items amy be useful for us.

1. syslog device device GUI

2. tech support dump from cnMaestro tools page (if possible)