R200 as a repeater

I read the post about configuring a R200 as a repeater/network extender. I followed the directions yet when I try to connect to the repeater part of the network I keep getting an authentication error. We are using the same SSID and we are using the same Password, but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what I should be looking at to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi ,

you get error while you are trying to create repeater link ? is that SSID visible in list of SSIDs under Repeater tab ?

yes, the ssid is visible and it is selected. The error we get is whe we try to log into the repeater wifi network. it keeps giving us an authentication error. So it is not automatically switching us over to the new link so I guessed we needed to log into it at lest once, but that does not seem to work since we get the error. Any thoughts?

Also, if you know what we are trying to accomplish and have had success. Let me know if you are available and willing to let us hire you to assist us with this task. Just let us know your hourly rate etc.. 

Please write an email to support@cambiumnetworks.com

They will be able to guide you and can help even with remote sessions if needed.

Thank you very much. I will definitely email them.