R200 vs R200P?

I'd like someone to suggest why they might purchase an R200P instead of an R200. I really like that the radio power is integrated, but the radios already come with power supplies. 

Are there any benefits other than reducing the amount of outlets needed and removing one network cable? I could see possible service-call reduction, but I'm not sure it would be worth $20 per customer.



If you're using PMP450, then there is no power supply included and depending on what sort of pricing you're getting/quanitity discounts/etc... it's just a few bucks more to get the R200P over buying a power supply and power cable. With the R200P you also get the benefit of less wires, and easier customer facing support.


@Eric Ozrelic wrote:

If you're using PMP450, then there is no power supply included ...

I did not realize that. Interesting, I wonder if the ePMP could be offered in the future without a power supply at a reduced cost....

Until then, as much as I really want the P version, it is probably not worth the $20 additional cost for an ePMP based customer.

We'll take that under consideration for ePMP. thanks for the suggestion

No, NO! Do not take the power supplies away! Even include the new ones with Canopy SMs as well. We will still buy the 200P routers. If the customer's router dies or somehow the WAN POE fails, they can have the standard power supply too!

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