4.2.3.r4 seems to have a bug. I try to name the router but it keeps reverting back to default cambium name. It used to have the proper name but after I updated the firmware it won't take the name changes. Is this happenning to anyone else? is this a known issue? Thanks

I am trying to name the router in the Network tab in the router configuraton area. 

Are you  trying to  change Product name of router. Please  find attached screen shot. If yes, we can not change it.

Please let me know previous firmware version of  router and also provide exact steps how  and where you're trying to change name of the router.  

If you are maintaing multiple devices, you can rename it in cnMastero.

Actually I guess I am trying to rename it under the Network tab DHCP -Vendor option.  In the past I have been able to change it, but now when I do it keeps reverting back to default name. 

Actually what you are referring to is the Vendor Class Idnetifier (VCI). This has been made READ-ONLY lately since this field is used by the device to advertise its Vendor class. This is used by the DHCP server to provision the DHCP client (device) appropriately.  We use this to assist on-boarding of the device to the Cambium cloud (cnMaestro).

I would still want to understand what is your requirement. I may be able to advice you with relevant alternative.