R200P Router - Cannot Access Configuration via Lan or WAN After About A Week

We have been having problem with a couple of new R200 routers that we recently put in service at customer's locations. 

Have each router programmed with a single WAN IP.  

Also have four separate devices, each with static IP's connected to the four Lan ports. 

DHCP is turned off in both R200 Router.

After each router was programmed and put into service, we could easily get into the configuration of each router via the static WAN IP address and the Lan ports 

Each router has 128 KB of data continuous coming inbound into each router from the WAN port and flowing through the router to two devices connected to the Lan ports.

Wach router also has 250 KB of continuous data headed outbound from two other devices connected to the two other LAN pors on the back of each router.

Standard NAT configuration.

After each router ran for 4 days, we could no longer log into the routers either via the WAN or the LAN ports.

During the time that we were unable to log into each router, they continued to pass the above data continuously inbound and outbound as I described above, however we could not access either router via the WAN  or LAN ports.

Power cycled each router..... and after each router rebooted, we could then easily access each router via the WAN and the LAN ports.

Running the lastest firmware in each router - 4.3.4-R8_201712121026.bin

What is the solution to the above problem?


We executed the similar test for a week and did not see this behavior.   

Please enable the SSH service in the device and arrange a remote session to check/ debug this issue, whenever  you see  the behavior(Email ID: niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com)



As orginally described, when installed - the router could be accessed from both the LAN and WAN.  After several days, it was no longer remotely accessable from the WAN.

The router has critical data flowing though it that must communicate 24 hours a day.

We drove to the remote site (about 150 miles away) and plugged our laptop into the LAN and tried to get into the router via http and https.  There was no access via http or https. 

Power cycled the R-200P and then could access it via LAN.  It also had remote access via the WAN.

I did not try to acces the Router via SSH until after I power cycled the router and it rebooted. 

Would you like for me to email you the configuration for you to look at?


Yes, Please send  the configuration 




Any update on this behavior,  Please arrange the remote session to check this.



I have this same behavior with the R201.  I can reboot via cnMaestro and then gain access.  I thought this was fixed last year. I have two of these acting this way right now.